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What Should I Know if I Want to Install H13 LED Bulbs?

Advantages of Using H13 LED Bulb

Using LED lighting in our car or motorcycle is not only look cool but also have some advantages below:

  • High visibility: The H13 led bulbs can produce over 4000 lumens, which increases visibility when driving at night, as well as increase driving safety.
  • Longer lifespan and Saving Money: Led bulb can remain working for over 35,000 hours. While halogen bulb can only remain working for 2,000 hours. Although An H13 led bulb conversion kit cost 28 dollars, triple price compared to halogen bulbs. But it can work for 5-6 years. By thinking this, it is worth buying.
  • They are more efficient: LED bulbs consume 15 to 18 watts of power, while halogen bulbs consume 55 to 65 watts, and HID (xenon) consumes about 42 watts.


The light color of the bulbs

We should carefully consider what lighting color we should buy as it is something that influences visibility.

The yellow light has better penetration, and the illumination distance will be farther; the white light looks more comfortable, but the penetration is not intense, and it will become helpless in the fog. 3000K lighting color is yellowish, while 6000K lighting color is pure white.

The color temperature measured in degrees Kelvin, which is a value that goes from 2,000 to 10,000K. 2000K lighting is yellow tone, and the 10,000K light becomes blue.

The traffic regulations say that the lighting should be white, so my recommendation in this regard is not to exceed 6,500K. 

H13 LED bulbs

Lumens Output

The lumens can regard as the ability to illuminate. The higher the lumen, the more the bulb lights. 

Take a reference, a halogen bulb does not exceed 1,500 lumens, while the H13 LED can reach up to 4000 lumens without problems. They are a huge difference, and that is the reason why we suggest you swap the halogen bulb to LEDs.


H13 led bulb requires less electricity than H13 halogen bulbs, which reduces the car’s energy consumption. Therefore, CO2 emissions will decrease. The light from LEDs is cold light; they are much closer to daylight, with less glare.

If you are looking for new H13 LED bulbs, you should make sure that they are compatible with your car and comply with the road safety law.

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