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What 9004 Led Bulbs Should You Buy, LEDs vs. Xenon vs. Halogen?

Do you have to change the 9004 bulbs in your car, and you don’t know which one you should buy? There you will find endless different options, so choosing between them can be a very complicated task to perform.

That is the reason why we created this post; we are going to offer you the six best alternatives of 9004 bulbs that we have found in the market, so you choose the one that best suits your needs and also to your budget.

In case you did not know, 9004 bulbs are the lamps used by cars in headlights. These Bulbs can work with 12 or 24 volts and easily find in any auto parts store.

How many types of 9004 bulbs in the market, which is the following:

  • Halogen 9004 bulbs: most of these bulbs have an ink coating on the glass that allows absorbing the yellowest waves of the light they emit, thus achieving a very white and penetrating light. Most of these bulbs are approved, so they will not put problems in the ITV if your car carries these types of bulbs. Of course, its main disadvantage is that, due to the ink layer of the glass, they require more power to achieve the same beam of light as the other variants, at least you will need 100w bulbs for excellent visibility.
  • 9004 xenon bulbs: mimic the bluish effect that occurs when the xenon gas is excited with an electric current. They have a temperature not less than 6000K and, when choosing them, you must be attentive to compliance with the regulations in force in Europe and United State for their circulation, and it is that many of them do not meet these standards. The powers with which they commercialized are 55, 70, 90, and 110 watts.
  • 9004 Led bulbs: these are the latest models of 9004 bulbs that have appeared on the market in recent times and have components of more excellent durability than filaments, although their price is usually higher the expense made on them traditionally amortized. These bulbs do not contain an incandescent filament but a group of concentrated pineapple-shaped diodes. Its main advantage is that they heat less and break less since they made of very high-quality crystals.

LEDs vs. Xenon vs. Halogen

What Should We Consider When Buying 9004 Bulbs for Cars?

Once you know the different types of bulbs that exist for your car, surely the 9004 Led will become your favorite option. If you decide to buy a bulb of this type, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. Here we show you take note of our advice!


Several brands succeed in this type of 9004 Led bulbs or lamps for cars and that offer this product at a reasonable price and with excellent quality. At the moment, the three most prestigious brands that you will find are the following:

  • Osram: is one of the most famous led lighting solution company. They offer quality, durability, and functionality of car light bulbs.
  • PIAA: PIAA is a Japan company specialized in automotive lighting products. Their product line is a wide range from halogen to HID, from HID to LED, from Off-road to Racing. 
  • Philips: it is the biggest lighting solution company in the world. I think I don’t need to introduce it. You can find their products everywhere.

One of the factors that will determine the quality and durability of the bulb will be the brand and that a right LED bulb can make a difference. Although these are the three brands that have more prestige, it is true that in the market, you can find others that can meet the light needs of your vehicle.

LEDs vs. Xenon vs. Halogen


You should know that not all Led car bulbs sold are compatible with all vehicles. So, before purchasing it, check if it is suitable for your car so as not to take an unpleasant surprise once you have bought it.


Are you going to use 9004 Led bulbs for outdoor lights on public roads? Then, the bulb you purchase must have the ECE authorization so that you can use it without problems since, otherwise, you will be fined by police.


When purchasing a 9004 Led bulb approved for your vehicle, you will surely appreciate that its installation is quick and easy and does not require significant complications.


Led bulbs are famous, besides, for the high durability they offer. Bet on a light bulb that gives you at least ten years of durability.


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