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The Features and Choice of 9007 Led Headlight Bulbs

Replace the usual halogen bulbs in cars with LEDs – such an idea often occurs to motorists who want to achieve better illumination of the headlights on the road. But are 9007 led bulbs meet the safety requirements?

The Features of 9007 Led Headlight Bulb

When developing these bulbs, manufacturers try to take into account the features of standard halogen bulbs. The location of the LEDs is as close as possible to the filament configuration to provide the necessary focusing of the light flux. 9007 led bulb is easy to replace because they do not require any alteration of the base, just bought and put.

9007 LED bulbs are designed to replace halogen lights in headlights. Manufacturers claim that they emit a much more powerful luminous flux and better illuminate the road.

Led Headlight Bulbs

The Choice of LED Bulbs

First, you need to decide what car light you want to replace with LEDs, headlight, turn signal light, or reverse light. Then you need to select the bub that is suitable in design and model. This advice is the main rule when choosing LEDs.

What type of bulbs is best suited for your car, you can find out in many ways:

  • From the instructions for the car.
  • If you don’t have such an opportunity, you can visit the websites of Osram or Philips, which have a special service for finding the type of LEDs suitable for a particular car. In this case, you need to specify the car model, the year of its release, body type, as well as the place where you want to replace the bulb. By the way, now some many different directories and directories will allow you to choose the right LEDs.

Manufacturers of automotive optics often produce one model of bulbs for different sockets, which allows them to use for both high beam and low beam headlight.

When choosing LEDs, you also need to consider the type of car optics. It can be a lens (spotlight) or reflex. If LEDs installed in the lens, there are certain requirements for bulbs across the width of the panel with chips installed. Not all bulbs are suitable for the width of the panel, so they can not be installed in the lens.

You also need to pay attention to the boot or the back cover of the headlight. Since some LEDs equipped with active cooling elements (fans), they must be covered with a cover or anther when installing in the headlight.

In addition to LEDs with a cooler, there are products with an aluminum heat sink, the dimensions of which can exceed the headlight back cover. Then you have to cut a special hole in the head bulb cover, and this is undesirable. But many reliable manufacturers have special anthers that can replace plastic covers. In some headlights, the LED bulb itself serves as the back cover.

Also, when choosing bulbs, the reliability of manufacturers must be taken into account. It is better to choose quality products from a well-known company.

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