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Led Headlight Tips for Safe Driving on Foggy Day

With the temperature changes, we have more foggy days in the winter. In winter, it is often foggy. Fog is the suspension of drops that reduce visibility, and in terms of driving, it is essential to see and be seen.

Usually, the fog can appear at any time. But there is no doubt that they frequently present in the morning and at dusk.

What can we do to drive safer?

When we acquire a vehicle at least, it will have a rearview system, which will make the vehicles that circulate behind us see us, so being able to warn drivers of the presence of another car is essential

On the fog days, we are hard to know the real road condition and what is waiting for us on the front.

As the intensification of the fog fence increases, we will turn on the taillights, to warn the rear vehicle of our presence.

Led Headlight Tips

And how can we get references?

On the USA roads, the lines of the streets are painted white color and reflect what is especially important since, with the lights on, they will reflect.

Apart from if we have front fog light, which in many vehicles are installed as series, either in low lights or in the same views, we will proceed to turn them on, making a full field of vision. Besides, 3000K led fog light can penetrate hundreds of meters on a foggy day, it is worth upgrading the original fog light to 9005 led bulb, and it works better.

We will take a line as a reference and adapt our vehicle at a prudent speed.

Therefore, the auxiliary lighting system of the vehicle in good condition is essential.


When to use fog lights?

To properly use the fog lights, all you have to do is locate the appropriate power buttons. They are usually found on the specific keyboard for headlights. The biggest problem, however, is distinguishing them from low beam headlights. The icon of the two buttons is almost identical, so not knowing it could give rise to doubts. However, the fog lights have an inclined section in the symbol that cuts some oblique lines. This is the only detectable difference between the button of these headlights and the low light. At this point, to turn them on, you need to press the button. If the control has a bell system, move it from On to Off.

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