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Great LED Bulbs for Vehicle: Easy to Pick Up

LED bulbs for a car are perhaps the best choice when designing automotive optics or replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs by the car owner on their own. They produce more light per watt than traditional incandescent bulbs and work without significant heating. LED bulbs are an ideal solution if you want to update the appearance of automotive optics, improve visibility and safety, and realize the creative aspirations of the car owner to give individuality to his car. LED bulbs have a long lifespan because they are resistant to vibration. Often, LEDs in such bulbs installed in a waterproof housing.
LEDs improve the response characteristics of brake lights because of their ability to achieve a working glow 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This stoplight provides a quicker response for motorists behind your vehicle.

What type of bulbs is suitable for your car, you can see the instructions for it. We will provide you with a comparison of LED bulbs in this article so you can make the right choice.

LED Bulbs for Vehicle

LED Bulbs for Front brake lights and side marker lights

Most (approximately 90%) of modern cars use a 912 base halogen bulb on the front brake light and side marker lights, some cars have a BA9S base and a BAY9S bulb.

Such bulbs withstand temperatures of 80-100 degrees. Since they are very close to the main bulb, they need additional protection. Otherwise, the LED crystals may heat up, which may eventually fail. Protection means equipping the bulb with a current stabilizer. It will prevent an increase in the current passing through the crystal at high temperatures. Such led bulbs are more reliable. So when you are looking for a replacement 912 led bulb, you should buy the led bulb with the built-in constant current IC.

LED bulbs for rear brake lights

In most cars, the rear brake lights use 3156 bases light bulbs. When you are looking for the led bulb for rear brake light, a 3156 led bulb with three single-watt high-power LEDs operating in a pulsed mode is necessary. The light output of such LEDs is significantly increased and is almost equal to the light output of three-watt LEDs at constant current.
If you compare similar products, you should pay attention to the number of chips in the LED. Cheaper bulbs most likely have one or two chips in the LED housing, which leads to a decrease in brightness.

On some cars, the brake light bulb can replace by 7440 led bulb and it still works correctly.

LED Bulbs for Vehicle

LED bulbs for car interior lighting

A festoon type light bulb produces interior lighting. The bulbs differ in a dimension, which can belong from 31 to 41 millimeters.

The replacement led bulbs in festoon type are as close as possible to the dimensions of a standard bulb — these bulbs used with limited interior space.

LED bulbs for fog lights

These H9 led bulbs designed to insert into places for front fog lights. LED fog lights act as an additional feature, which can distinguish your car from the huge stream of other cars in the daytime and evening. Lighting goes slightly better than standard xenon or halogen lamp.

It is not difficult to install these led bulbs in your car if you have the patient to do this. And there are many tutorial videos you can find on Youtube. So you need to follow their steps and save the money on this thing.


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