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How to Change A Car H1 Led Bulb

To change a car bulb, we need to know the location of the back cover of the bulb, which is the place where we are going to extract the bulb that is broken or stopped working.
Typically, different cars usually bring different headlight housing and inner structure. But, most ordinary, it has a small flange that is to screw, or they are caught with a wire that exerts force against the back cover of the focus.

Change A Car Led Bulb

Well, let’s do it:

The first thing: we have to do is locate the bulb that is burnt. That is, the side on which I cease to function, only with a glance we will know. After this step, we will look for the back of the bulb in the engine compartment.

How to Change A Car H1 Led Bulb

Second: in our case, we unscrew the lid to access the focus compartment. But, as I said, it might also have a wire or clip system. (This varies by model and manufacturer).

How to Change A Car H1 Led Bulb

Third: inside, it has an anchor where the bulb is seized, we will take out this anchor, and it will be free. We proceed to remove it back to free it.

How to Change A Car H1 Led Bulb

Fourth: we remove the bulb from its plug

How to Change A Car H1 Led Bulb

Fifth: we replace a previously purchased bulb according to the model: the most normal is that they are H4 since it includes the short and long ones in the bulb itself, but in golf three it has two H1 bulbs, in the short one only works; in the Long one, both h1 bulbs works.

After replacing it with H1 led bulb, we do the reverse process and make sure that the lid is tightly closed so that moisture does not enter.

This is all. To say that, in some models that we have found, it may be necessary to disassemble some parts such as taking out the focus, it is only to find the screws, and it comes out quickly, and we will follow the previous points.

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