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Can I Change My Car Light Bulbs to LEDs?

Car modifications sometimes go against the law, as they can pose a potential threat to the life or the health of the people on the road. One of these modifications is to replace the standard halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. According to some reports, they declare that excessively bright light will blinds drivers. But some news also mentions that led car lights will increase visibility and help prevent accidents. When considering if we could install led bulbs in the car, we should know the pros and cons of led car lights first.

Car Light Bulbs

Pros of LED Car Lighting

Energy efficiency

Since this previously mentioned, we immediately turn to the advantages of LED lighting, taking into account the efficiency of the energy used. It estimated that the efficiency of an LED bulb is 80-90% compared to a traditional incandescent bulb. This result means that when the LED bulb is on, about 80% of the energy used for lighting goes into creating a light, and the remaining 20% ​ released as heat. With a standard incandescent bulb, only 20% of the energy goes into creating light. There is a small saving, both in terms of energy used and the money spent on electricity. The bulb almost does not heat up, which means it will not burst due to a sharp temperature difference.
Also, less power is required to start the LED bulb. For example, a standard 60 W incandescent bulb will consume about 525 kWh of electricity annually. For comparison, an LED bulb only needs about 65 kWh of electricity.
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that LED lighting will be widely available in the United States by 2027, which could potentially save us about 348 TWh of electricity with a cash savings of over $ 30 billion.


Another advantage of 1156 LED bulbs is their incredibly long lifespan. For example, a standard incandescent bulb will work from 750 to 2000 hours and a fluorescent bulb of about 20,000 hours. Some LED bulbs can work up to 100,000 hours. Not only does the long service life allow you not to buy a lot of such bulbs, but it also means that you can reduce labor costs since you do not need to pay for replacement and installation.
When the life of the LED bulb ends, it does not burn out, like an incandescent bulb. Instead, the LEDs begin to operate at a lower energy level, and the bulb loses some of its brightness.
Another feature of the LED bulb, which helps it to work longer, is its durability. Since LEDs do not make of fragile materials such as glass, they can withstand much more than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Vibration and shaking cannot seriously damage such a bulb.

Environmental friendliness

Another advantage of LED lighting is that it is environmentally friendly. This result is because the LED bulb does not make any hazardous chemicals compared to fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury and require special disposal. About 95% of all LED bulbs can be recycled – this means that they will not contain any hazardous materials.

Car Light Bulbs

Why It is not safe to change led bulbs in the car

In short: they are brighter, but they will provide a wider and more scattering inside the headlight and emit on the road. This lighting doesn’t have a good beam pattern and will dazzle the drivers. The led light will increase your visibility but decrease the visibility of other drivers.

Any product, there are advantages, and there are also disadvantages. To complete the installation of such “special” headlights, you need to provide an expert opinion on their safety. The parameters of the new lighting equipment should be as close as possible to standard incandescent bulbs. But I think it is still safe to change the factory dome light and map light to LEDs. And it is okay to change the reverse light to a brighter 921 led bulb. These led light bulbs are used in a specific situation and won’t dazzle the people on roads, so they are safe to use in the car.

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